Diverse Kindergarten

What is a Key Person?

A Key Person has a particular responsibility for a group of 8-12 children.  Parents/Carers and children know the name of their Key Person from the beginning of their involvement with Pre School.  The Key Person will ensure that the needs of each child and their family are recognised, so that an individual learning journey is devised to meet these needs.

Your child's key Person will:

Assist your child settle into the Pre School routine.

Provide for the emotional needs of your child,  providing comfort and reassurance at any times of distress.

Inform parents/carers of their child's learning activities and how to extend learning at home.

Observe, keep records and monitor your child's progress.

Liaise with parents/carers via "Next Steps" and Progress Meetings.

Our Key Persons are:

Mr Davies - Green mat

Miss Alvarez - Pink mat

Miss Taylor - Red mat

Mrs Parker - Blue mat

Our Early Years Support Workers are:

Mrs Sweet and Miss Finn