Charity Trustees

Bloxham Pre School is a registered charity run by volunteer parents and supporters, known as our "Charity Trustees".
Our Charity Trustees work within the parameters of a consitution and any profits made are put back into the continuing sucess of Bloxham Pre School.
Charity Trustees are elected each year at the AGM in October and any member can choose to stand for a role (Treasurer, Chair, Secretary, Trustee).
All Trustees have to be checked by Ofsted, Disclosure & Barring Service and The Charities Commission.
Volunteering to be a trustee of your child’s Pre School is a great way to put something positive back into the local community.
You will also have a chance to meet other parents, update existing skills and learn new ones. This can have valuable long-term benefits when applying for jobs or undertaking further training. 
Please speak to the Manager or Administrator if you would like more details on becoming one of our Trustees.

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